colleague Marina Alexandrova exposed the relationship with the actress

Sergei Makovetsky made it clear that he is more than a friend for the star of the series “Catherine”. What will the artist’s husband say?

2019 was a fruitful year for Marina Alexandrova to cooperate with Sergey Makovetsky. First, they starred in the comedy “Odessa Steamboat”, and then became the main characters of the play “Papa”.

It was the last project that incredibly brought artists together. Apparently, during rehearsals, Marina and Sergey had feelings for each other. Alexandrova herself hints at this. She said that when creating the play, she had to literally live it. She experienced a huge range of feelings – from falling in love to love. And this was a surprise even for the actress herself.

Makovetsky responded with an Alexandrova reciprocity. The other day, he exposed his relationship with a colleague. Under her Instagram photo, the man asked why the actress was so thin. She replied that she was bored and added a smile with eyes in love. This moved Sergey, and he gently turned to Marina: “My girl, me too.”

It is unlikely that the connection between Makovetsky and Alexandrova can be called a serious novel. Relationships are more like a light affair, which is generated by a too deep implantation in the role. You won’t go against acting nature.

But despite the fact that the star of the series “Catherine” is not going to leave her husband yet. In her posts she continues to call Makovetsky a lover. And he pays more attention to him than to his wife Andrei Boltenko.



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