Why novice drivers should buy a VAZ-2115 instead of a foreign car

A number of experts consider the Russian sedan one of the leading bestsellers.

After obtaining a driver’s license, young people often face the challenge of choosing between a domestic car or a used foreign car. This choice is complicated by the fact that budgets for novice drivers are limited, so you can’t count on cars like LADA Vesta or LADA Granta.

In this case, it is better to pay attention to cars that are no longer produced by AvtoVAZ, but which can be found in large numbers on the secondary. Among these are VAZ-2115 cars with mileage, which can be purchased from 100,000 rubles.

What attracts the famous “Fifteen” motorists? The first is low price –– For 100,000 rubles, Russians can purchase a very decent copy in good condition and with a well-preserved, good-quality interior. Next should be called maintainability – Spare parts for the VAZ-2115 turned out to be inexpensive and common in automobile stores. Another plus of this car, which must be taken into account when choosing the first car, is endurance – with proper maintenance, the Russian sedan will last a long time.

In addition, motorists complained about the shortcomings of the VAZ-2115, but at the same time they can be eliminated with your own hands. Among the minuses it is worth mentioning the gradually rusting body and uncomfortable seats, due to which the back may hurt during prolonged use.

Thus, you can not stop choosing a foreign car, but immediately purchase a VAZ-2115, which any owner with a bit of skill, you can fix it yourself or go to a car repair shop where the Pyatnashka is inexpensively repaired. Released in 1997, the Russian sedan deserves to be called a difficult child of the troubled era, due to the fact that the car appeared during political and financial instability, but, despite the circumstances, managed to not only “survive”, but also gain popularity.



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