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Understanding and Treating Dizziness When Standing Suddenly

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Clinical nutritionist, Dr. Yassin Ali, revealed the reasons for suddenly feeling dizzy when standing.

He said in a video clip that local hypotension occurs as a result of standing suddenly after sitting.

He added: “What happens is that the blood pressure above drops to 20, and the blood pressure below can drop to 10, and this dizziness may last for 3 minutes.”

He continued: “Anemia or a drop in blood pressure may occur due to not drinking enough fluids, or there may be bleeding, or the use of diuretics, or that the person has anemia, or the use of psychiatric medications.”

He concluded that this condition can be treated by replacing fluids, anemia and salts, and that the person tries to stand up slowly in order to regain his balance.

2023-08-02 15:33:59

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