Freedom of expression or hate speech? Netflix in turmoil in the United States

AFP, published on Monday, October 18, 2021 at 8:30 a.m. Netflix found itself immersed in a heated debate over freedom of expression in the United States after the broadcast of a show by famous comedian Dave Chappelle deemed transphobic by some, including employees within the streaming company. In his show “The Closer”, the stand-up star […]

Hacker attack on a popular Internet service. The giant data leakage also affects the Czechs

Twitch’s most popular streaming service addresses a massive leak of creators’ sensitive data. Their personal data, including information on payments, was leaked to the public. The hacker attack also affected several Czechs., a popular platform for live broadcasting, is solving a huge scandal. Not only did the hackers be able to access the source […]

Series highlights in October | MDR JUMP

At the same streaming provider you can also watch “Chip und Chap: Life in the Park” with the children. There’s a new episode here every week. If you want to get scared, but don’t have any small Star Wars or Lego fans at home, try the new series “Witches and Cats”. It will be available […]

The best podcasts about cars: ‘Everyday Driver’ | ‘The Smoking Tire’

‘Everyday Driver’ Tod Deeken and Paul Shmucker Available on: Apple Podcast, Spotify and YouTube VMÁS RATING: 9/10 The first podcast worth listening to is “Everyday Driver,” with hosts Tod Deeken and Paul Shmucker. It can be a good introductory program, a good starting point. It answers very practical questions for drivers, such as what is […]

15 modern classics you can watch on Disney +

Some films mark a milestone in the history of cinema, either for their artistic quality, for the originality of the stories they tell or for the emotions that they manage to awaken in the public. Disney+ has one of the largest streaming catalogs, which includes movies from Pixar, Lucasfilm and Marvel, among others, but also […]

“Nope”: relationship film with profound humor | – culture

Status: 09/27/2021 6:00 a.m. Director Dietrich Brüggemann is someone who likes to sit down and relax. Most recently as a co-initiator of the controversial protest campaign #allesdichtmachen against the state corona measures. But Brüggemann’s unruly manner makes his films interesting. For example the time loop crime scene “Murot and the marmot” or the Stuttgart case […]

This is how the sci-fi epic became a cinematic myth

It’s already twice filming of the science fiction bestseller “Dune” failed. Well has Denis Villeneuve filmed “‘Star Wars’ for adults” – and added another chapter to the myth. “Dune” – the name alone is a myth. Not just because Frank Herberts Since its appearance in 1965, the template has been considered one of the great […]

Cinemas: More visitors again after Corona year – Coronavirus Vienna

9.09.2021 14:19 (Akt. 9.09.2021 15:08) Cinemas, like the Gartenbaukino in Vienna, were hit hard by the Corona crisis. Now the number of visitors is increasing again. © APA / ROLAND SCHLAGER In the corona pandemic, the cinema industry was one of the most severely affected industries. Now visitors are returning to the cinemas: from March […]