With 12 stitches! Woman stabbed in Berlin | Regional

Berlin – On Saturday, a 26-year-old woman was attacked with a knife and seriously injured in Berlin-Neukölln. The perpetrator is on the run. “Around 12:15 p.m., the woman was attacked by a previously unknown man and seriously injured with several stabs,” said a police spokesman. This is where you will find content from Instagram In […]

Dead († 38) hidden in bed box: life for the Trier hotel killer | Regional

Trier/Merzig – The secret meeting with her lover ended fatally for the woman who fled the war at home. Now the Ukrainian Yosyp H. (35) has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of his compatriot and lover († 38). The deed took place on March 26, 2022 in one Hotel in Trier successful, […]

Berlin is flat: empty classrooms, full clinics! | Regional

Berlin – Who offers more? There is currently a big theme in schools in Berlin. “We have seven children who are sick today and only 12 in class,” says a boy in front of the staff room at City Elementary School in Mitte. “We have nine,” says another, “more than half of us are sick,” […]

Flight Operations Temporarily Suspended: Weather Stickers Paralyze BER | Regional

Berlin – For their confused ideology they are now crossing all borders! With bolt cutters, posters and bicycles, the “latest generation” of climate extremists have invaded the capital’s airport and blocked its runway. Air traffic at BER had to be completely stopped! Climate chaos is also celebrated, by filming their BER collapse in real time […]

Searches in Berlin: Corona aid fraud! repression of Islamists | Regional

Berlin – Raid Tuesday morning for Corona Aid scam. Searches are underway in six federal states. Nationwide, 59 objects are searched. According to a police spokesman, the focus is on Berlin. There the police are in action in, among others, the Wedding and Moabit districts. There are also raids in Brandenburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg […]

New study: Frankfurt as a business location only in 4th place | Regional

Frankfurt – The Main metropolis is one of the leading economic centers in Germany. According to a new study by the information network “Die Deutsche Wirtschaft”, Frankfurt is in fourth place in Germany. Data from the 22,500 most important German companies and 1,600 financial institutions in 3,802 locations nationwide were used for this. ► In […]

Woman (64) dead in the car: murder at the Bundesliga stadium | Regional

Sinsheim – Murder at the TSG Hoffenheim stadium: a woman (64) fell victim to a crime in a Sinsheim industrial park. At around 10:15 p.m. on Thursday (June 23), the dead woman was discovered in a car parked between trucks and horse trailers. also read The discovery site in Annagrund is only separated from the […]

9-euro chaos at Pentecost: many trains and stations hopelessly overcrowded Regional

Berlin – Overcrowded platforms, closed tracks, rerouted trains: With the 9-euro ticket in their luggage, many Germans are currently taking the train for a short break. For example, there were already chaotic scenes at Berlin Central Station on Friday, and this continued seamlessly on Saturday! Travelers spoke of “cramping full trains” especially in the direction […]

Insurance is missing: Homburg lets AfD party congress burst Regional

Homburg – Now she has to mess around with an emergency board for a while: The AfD state party conference was canceled at short notice. Because there is no insurance coverage. The right-wing populists actually wanted to elect a regular board of directors in the Saalbau on Sunday (May 29, 2022). State boss Christian Wirth […]

Offenbach mayor jumps in: Feldmann cancels Davos reception | Regional

Frankfurt – The fear of another embarrassing appearance was probably too great: Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann (63, SPD) decided not to appear at the “Frankfurt meets Davos” reception at the World Economic Forum. For this he wants to explain himself in Romans. In his place, Offenbach’s Mayor Felix Schwenke (42, SPD) of all people welcomed […]