New York prepares for Hurricane «Henri»

Parts of the east coast of the USA, including New York, are preparing for one of the strongest storms in around a decade. Massachusetts Storm Alert – AFP Ad the essentials in brief Several east coast states in the USA are warning of Storm Henri. It could be one of the strongest storms in years. […]

Low German news of October 21, 2021

Stand date: October 21, 2021. Storm Ignaz arrived in northern Germany Bremen – That Stormdeep Ignaz is in the northwest ankamen. Past Nacht sünd on the Autobahn 29 bi Ahlhorn and poor Bööm ümfullen. In Deefholt, an overflowing tree closes the B-214. Bet now everything is still running at the track, one would like to […]

Nico Sturm falls behind with Minnesota Wild

May 21, 2021 at 8:28 am NHL-Play-offs : Storm with Minnesota now behind Nico Sturm (r) tries to stop Chandler Stephenson from the Vegas Golden Knights. Foto: AP/Stacy Bengs St. Paul In the third game, Minnesota Wild and national player Nico Sturm suffered their second defeat against the Vegas Golden Knights. After the 2: 5 […]

Snowstorm sweeps over Germany – Monday too, it remains tricky

Offenbach / Berlin – With loads of snow, black ice and strong winds, “Tristan” brought a massive onset of winter to the northern half of Germany on Sunday. According to its own statements, the railway had to stop numerous connections, and clearing services were in constant use on countless roads in the north and center […]

First Blizzard 2021 – New York defies the snow masses – News abroad

New York is sinking in the snow! A potentially historic coastal storm paralyzes the metropolis of millions. By Monday noon, 34 centimeters of fresh snow was officially measured in Central Park – but only practically at halfway through the potent winter low. Heavy snowfalls are also predicted for Tuesday: the total precipitation could last more […]

1. FC Köln: Anthony Modeste becomes a problem

Cologne – 1. FC Köln have not only been waiting for a win for four games, but also for their own goal. Elvis Rexhbecaj (23) scored the last FC goal on December 12 in a 1-0 win in Mainz. That was 395 minutes ago, there is total calm in the Cologne attack. Neither Ondrej Duda […]

US Republicans need the courage to repent and come to terms with things

Is this what the future of the “grand old party” looks like? Supporters of US President Donald Trump in front of the Capitol. The Republican Party gives Trump a disastrous picture after four years. Can she reinvent herself? Joel Marklund / Witters / Bildbyran Start your free trial month now! Complete the free trial month […]

New Orleans – 10 years after Hurricane Katrina hit

Ten years ago one of the worst natural disasters in US history struck the people of the southern United States. In late August 2005, Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on coastal regions in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. New Orleans was hit particularly badly, where the hurricane developed its full destructive power on August 29th. […]