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An upcoming update for iOS 16 addresses “SKadNetwork”

Apple said via the company’s System Status page that it is updating iOS 16 with a fix for an issue with its SKAdNetwork advertising framework.

Apple said the problem started on November 3, without giving further details.

Issue affecting users of SKAdNetwork for iOS 16.1

Apple has indicated that there is an issue affecting “SKAdNetwork” for iOS 16.1 users, noting that it is working to resolve this issue quickly in the software update.

SKAdNetwork allows advertisers to measure ad success by assigning app installs to specific advertising campaigns. In other words, it allows advertisers to see an ad’s success in convincing users to download an app from the App Store.

iOS 16.1 was released two weeks ago with SKAdNetwork 4.0, which provides more performance insights for advertisers, adds support for web ads, and includes other enhancements.

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