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“Marvin Harrison Jr.: NFL’s Next Star Receiver?”

Drafted in the first round by the Indianapolis Colts in 1996, Marvin Harrison Sr. was inducted into the Hall of Fame after a highly successful career receiving Peyton Manning’s pass that culminated in winning Super Bowl XLI against the Chicago Bears.

However, his son Marvin Jr. is about to eclipse his father’s achievements one day.

“He’s more athletic than Marvin. He’s tall. He’s faster than Marv,” ex-NFL star Reggie Wayne gushed to the Indianapolis Star about Harrison Jr’s impressive facilities.

For the 44-year-old, the wide receiver from Ohio State University is the better college prospect overall, despite all the respect for his long-time companion – even if the footsteps in the shared position like his famous father could hardly be bigger.

Wayne played alongside Harrison Sr. for eight years and is currently the Colts’ wide receiver coach.

Marvin Harrison Jr. beendet bei Ohio State Pro Day

However, Wayne is not alone in his high opinion of the talented up-and-coming receiver. As “ProFootballTalk” reports, after Harrison’s participation in Ohio State’s Pro Day, the prevailing opinion among scouts and coaches was that the 20-year-old was absolutely ready for the NFL.

A pick in the first round is considered likely.

Interested franchises as well as fans have to be patient a little longer. The highly controversial NFL regulations dictate that college players cannot be drafted until three years after graduating from high school. That won’t be the case with Harrison Jr. until 2024.

But if the pass recipient develops accordingly, he may even be picked earlier than his famous father, who went off the board in 1996 in 19th position.

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