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Amy Vainhaus is remembered by the world not only for the visually saturated accessories and beauty tricks that have forever recorded her image in the history of music, but also for her amazing voice and very personal songs. In less than ten years of her musical career, she became a soul music legend. She was […]

The Grammy Awards were dominated by women. The recording of the year was made by Billie Eilish, the record was broken by Beyoncé and Swiftová – ČT24 – Czech Television

Sunday’s ceremony in Los Angeles kicked off with performances by singers Harry Styles and Billie Eilish. The awards, which were postponed from the original January date due to the coronavirus pandemic, were accompanied by strict hygiene measures. The stars of the American music scene had to keep their distance and wear veils. “We will never […]

The father of US rapper Nicki Minaj dies in a car accident

He was walking along a road on Long Island when Robert Maraj, father of US rapper Nicki Minaj, was hit by a car. He succumbed to his injuries and the driver fled. The father of US rapper Nicki Minaj was run over by a car near New York and killed. The 64-year-old Robert Maraj was […]

Latin Grammy Foundation subsidizes projects in Colombia, Argentina and the United States.

The Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation announced this Tuesday, January 26, 2021 four grants of USD 5,000 for projects of institutions and musicologists from Colombia, Argentina and U.S that “exalt and preserve the heritage of Latin music.” The foundation Rafael Escalona of Bogota and the Latin American Music Center of the Catholic University of America, in […]

Irrael Gómez’s “El Antiking” becomes one of the best-selling books on Amazon

Irrael Gomez, The Venezuelan marketing strategist published his first book entitled “El Antiking: Manual to handle chaos ”and, in its first 24 hours, it managed to position itself as one of Amazon’s best sellers. Due to its high number of sales, “El Antiking” was ranked second in the category of best-selling books, surpassed only by […]