You can check if you are under surveillance with Pegasus – as long as you have a smartphone or other Android device [24.12.2021]

According to domestic and foreign media, lawyer Roman Giertych and prosecutor Ewa Wrzosek were under surveillance using Pegasus software. It is a controversial tool for electronic surveillance of smartphone and computer users, used by secret services in at least several dozen countries around the world. The possibilities of this spyware are enormous – practically every […]

Jackson Square delivers new Airbus A321neo Pegasus

5 HOURS AGO | Writing | 106 words Deliveries continue to Pegasus. The American lessor Jackson Square Aviation (JSA) announces having financed and delivered a new Airbus A321neo to the company Pegasus Airlines at the end of November. The low-cost Turkish now has eight examples of the aircraft configured with a dense single-class cabin of […]

Apple sues the manufacturer of Pegasus

Apple is suing the Israeli NSO Group and its parent company. NSO Group is suing Pegasus spyware maker Apple because they also collected data about their users with Pegasus. The company is also donating $ 10 million to cyber security research Apple announcement based on the The U.S. security company was hit very hard […]

Geller has been given the Pegasus case, leaving NSO leadership candidate due to scandal

The Pegasus scandal erupted back in late July when an international investigative project involving 17 newspapers revealed that it had been bought by several governments and used to monitor civilians, journalists and opposition politicians. But the device of French President Emmanuel Macron, for example, was also observed. According to the leaked data, Hungary has also […]

Israel’s NSO Group Designs Pegasus Spyware to Break iPhone Security Systems

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – A watchdog group on Monday revealed Israeli cyber surveillance company NSO Group has developed software Pegasus Spyware designed to break into iPhone security and has been in use since February. Researchers at the internet security watchdog group Citizen Lab, say tools developed by Israeli firm NSO Group outperform security systems designed by […]

Important! Immediately Install iOS 14.8 on iPhone

Jakarta – iOS 14.8 just released Apple. The update doesn’t bring any new features, but you should install it right away iPhone. Importantly, iOS 14.8 did not pass the beta test version. Because this update is urgent because it brings security hole fixes. This update patched a possible loophole spyware used by NSO Group based […]

This simple trick makes it harder to listen to your cell phone

Independent Senator of the State of Maine, Angus King shared a simple trick with the Associated Press about the Pegasus scandal that could make things difficult for spies and hackers – he stabbed Free Europe. King following a recommendation from the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) turn off your phone once a week and then […]

Pegasus Horror Facts, Israeli-Made Spy Application

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A series of hacking incidents via short messages have hit several people in the world, ranging from journalists, activists to world leaders using spyware super-advanced scary spy made by an Israeli company, Pegasus. Pegasus is a spyware product designed to monitor all activities of mobile phone users, such as SMS, email, […]

Israeli Defense Minister to Fly to France to Discuss Spyware

Israeli-made spyware is suspected to have been used to eavesdrop on President Macron. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JERUSALEM — Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz will travel to France this week to discuss the spyware sold by Israeli cyber company NSO. This spyware was allegedly used to target French President Emmanuel Macron. According to the newspaper The world France, […]

iPhone Infiltrated by Israeli Spyware, This is WhatsApp Boss Message to Apple

Jakarta – iPhone which boasts of its security and privacy features, has been successfully infiltrated by spyware Pegasus made by an Israeli company, NSO Group. bunch WhatsApp Will Cathcart also gave advice for Apple to deal with this spyware. Pegasus returned to the discussion after Amnesty International revealed a list containing thousands of phone numbers […]