This simple trick makes it harder to listen to your cell phone

Independent Senator of the State of Maine, Angus King shared a simple trick with the Associated Press about the Pegasus scandal that could make things difficult for spies and hackers – he stabbed Free Europe. King following a recommendation from the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA)

turn off your phone once a week and then turn it on,

which doesn’t seem like a too complicated thing, a significant portion of users don’t.

When restarted, so-called zero-click spyware (such as Pegasus) that does not require user interaction is also deleted from memory due to efficient filters in modern operating systems, so they need to be “thrown in” again.

The NSA says, of course, we’re not completely protected by this simple trick, but cybercriminals will have a harder time – although if a hacker is really persistent and attentive, he can resend the virus.

So the safest way is not to take the device with you to conversations where you should be afraid to eavesdrop.



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