iOS 14 No Longer Getting System Security Updates, What’s the Reason? – iOS is an operating system that favors security systems. The superiority of the security system on iOS is due to Apple always provide regular security system updates. However, Apple does not provide security system updates to all versions of iOS. Apple only provides security system updates on the latest version of iOS. Recently, … Read more

New iOS 15 Update Installed on 70 Percent of iPhone Devices Only

Update iOS 15 officially shared for general users since last September. Now after almost 5 months running, Apple is starting to share user count graphs iOS 15 dan iPadOS 15 in the world. Quoted from the page Apple Support, number of users iPhone already installed iOS 15 reach 72%, iOS 14 at 26% and the … Read more

Samsung Realizes Digital Car Key on Mobile Phones with UWB Technology

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Samsung is reportedly in talks with a number of car manufacturers for digital lock functionality into mobile phones. Revealed in January, at the launch of the Galaxy S21, it seems that the partnership has been successfully realized because Samsung phones with Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology are now able to function as digital car … Read more

Apple’s Latest iOS Accused of Making the iPhone Slow, Here’s the List – Apple accused of slowing down the performance of some models iPhone via the latest iOS operating system update. As for the iPhone model that is affected by this iOS update is iPhone 8, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, and iPhone 12. This accusation was made by the Consumer Protection Organization (Organization of Consumers and … Read more

Continue to iOS 14 or upgrade to iOS 15? You can choose without sacrificing security

The transition from the current version of iOS to the new one is going to go differently this year, at least for those who want it. Apple indicated that iOS will leave the choice between two different updates in Settings. You can either upgrade to iOS 15 as soon as the final version is available … Read more

Ex-employee: Facebook fears flying blind due to Apple’s tracking transparency

Apple’s planned tracking transparency initiative is causing a lot of excitement in the advertising industry – especially at the advertising giant Facebook. The social network fear that it will no longer be able to properly measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, such as CNBC with reference to former employees who worked in Facebook’s advertising division. … Read more

Shazam released a new update. Widgets can now be added on iOS 14.

Shazam Popular music search application released new updates Added a feature to use as a widget. (Widget) On the operating system iOS14 Can be used both iPhone and iPad Just update to the latest version. Shazam Version 14.4 adds a widget feature that is fully compatible with the iOS operating system. Users can add shortcuts … Read more

iPad: handwriting recognition in French is coming

Available in English and Chinese since its announcement, the Scribble function which brings multiple advantages to handwriting on iPad is now available in French with the beta of iPadOS 14.5. Handwriting recognition on iPadOS 14 All French iPad users will be delighted. With the deployment of the beta of iPadOS 14.5, the Scribble function is … Read more