How much money do Facebook and Twitter make with your data?

Yanin Alfaro Mexico City / 15.01.2021 00:54:41 In the last five years the income from advertising in Facebook has grown 323 percent to add 57 thousand 893 million dollars in 2020, compared to the 17.9 billion it earned in 2015, according to a historical analysis of its annual reports. Under the promise of offering a […]

The threat of no-deal Brexit alarms data protectionists

Brussels Great Britain left the EU at the end of January. Without a contract, tariffs, long traffic jams and other problems threaten from January 1st. (Photo: dpa) Berlin The last deadline for the negotiations is still running, but the European Union is preparing for the failure of the hoped-for Brexit trade pact with Great Britain. […]

Bank secrecy: Schufa wants to research accounts | The first – panorama broadcasts

Status: 11/26/20 6:00 p.m. by Massimo Bognanni, Lea Busch and Peter Hornung Germany’s largest credit agency is apparently planning to evaluate consumers based on their bank statements in the future. After research by NDR, WDR and SZ, a first practical test has already been run. Privacy advocates are horrified. It’s Wednesday, November 4th, 2020 and […]

Airbnb and New York agree in legal dispute over user data

Airbnb With the agreement, an important hurdle for the planned IPO falls. (Photo: dpa) New York The city of New York and the apartment broker Airbnb have reached a settlement in their protracted legal battle over the disclosure of user data. The compromise provides that Airbnb will in future give the authorities a quarterly insight, […]

Can the employer control the home office?

Labor and data protection Berlin (dpa / tmn) – In the discussion about home office, the aspect of trust always plays a role. While supervisors in the office keep an eye on everyone, in the home office the question arises: How do the employees actually work there? And can the employer control that? “The employer’s […]

Facebook warns: leaves EU, if data sharing ban advances

Rita Neves Costa Yesterday at 8:17 pm The technology giant is considering suspending services in the European Union if the ban on transferring user data from Europe to the United States goes ahead. This month, the Irish Data Protection Commission, Europe’s top privacy regulator in Europe, had urged the company to stop sharing this content. […]

French MPs approve digital tracing

Published on : 05/27/2020 – 19:43Modified : 05/27/2020 – 19:43 The National Assembly voted for digital tracing on Wednesday in an advisory vote on the deployment of the StopCovid application. This will allow anyone with the application to be notified if they have been in contact with a person infected with the coronavirus. MPs give […]