iOS 14 No Longer Getting System Security Updates, What’s the Reason? – iOS is an operating system that favors security systems. The superiority of the security system on iOS is due to Apple always provide regular security system updates. However, Apple does not provide security system updates to all versions of iOS. Apple only provides security system updates on the latest version of iOS. Recently, […]

New iOS 15 Update Installed on 70 Percent of iPhone Devices Only

Update iOS 15 officially shared for general users since last September. Now after almost 5 months running, Apple is starting to share user count graphs iOS 15 dan iPadOS 15 in the world. Quoted from the page Apple Support, number of users iPhone already installed iOS 15 reach 72%, iOS 14 at 26% and the […]

This iPhone Is Threatened Not To Get iOS 16, Yours Is Not Yours?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Although iOS 15 was only released some time ago, rumors about iOS 16 are already circulating. Reportedly there are a number of phones that no longer get support from the operating system. The iPhoneSoft report cites a source as saying that Apple is planning to stop support for the iPhone 6S, […]

Apple Will Reprimand iPhone Users When Using Counterfeit Components, Jakarta – Apple will reportedly notify users if one of their iPhone components turns out to be non-genuine. This notification will come along with the iOS 15.2 update. Quoted from The Verge, Monday (12/13/2021), along with the iOS 15.2 update, Apple includes a new category in Settings. So, there will be additional ‘Parts and […]

Apple Updates iOS 15.2 Beta 3, There’s Macro Mode to Apple Arcade

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Apple launched beta version 3 for iOS 15.2 which brings a number of new features such as macro mode updates for iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, and Apple Arcade. These new features can be enjoyed by beta testers and a number of registered developers. Macro mode is a […]

How to Stop iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 from Annoying Calls – If the iPhone does not stop receiving calls, it will certainly annoy the user, moreover, the user will not be able to switch to Cingular Wireless anymore. Apple emit update new on Wednesday, November 17, 2021. Now, if you are using iPhone 11 and iPhone with an older version, users may not know […]

Release iOS 15.0.1, Apple Fix Bug Problem in Storage Memory

WWDC 2021 iOS 15 (Apple) – After releasing iOS 15 a while ago, finally Apple release iOS 15.0.1 as a continuation of the previous update. The arrival of iOS 15.0.1 is at the same time to fix bug problems in device storage memory. The arrival of iOS 15.0.1 is to be a solution for […]

More and more people are getting to download iOS 15

Mixpanel numbers according to acceptance of iOS 15 is growing, more and more people are downloading new mobile software. At first, users weren’t as enthusiastic about the update, which was released on September 20th, as with iOS 14. While two days after the update arrived, iOS 14 was already installed on 14.5 percent of compatible, […]

Duh, iPhone 13 screen is not responsive because of this problem

Jakarta – Apple launch iPhone 13 and iOS 15 publicly last week, and it wasn’t long before users reported some bugs they were experiencing on their devices. The latest reported bug is quite significant because it is related to the iPhone 13 screen. Via Twitter and Reddit, some iPhone 13 users have complained that their […]

Here’s a List of Old iPhones That Get Allotted iOS 12.5.5 Update! – All Pages

Flickr Illustration of iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 5s – Not long ago, Apple just officially released new update operating system (OS) iOS 15. Update release iOS 15 intended for the latest iPhone smartphone series. Now, not long ago, Apple has released an update iOS 12.5.5 dedicated to the series Old iPhone. […]