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New iOS 15 Update Installed on 70 Percent of iPhone Devices Only

Update iOS 15 officially shared for general users since last September.

Now after almost 5 months running, Apple is starting to share user count graphs iOS 15 dan iPadOS 15 in the world.

Quoted from the page Apple Support, number of users iPhone already installed iOS 15 reach 72%, iOS 14 at 26% and the rest in older versions at 2%.

The data applies to the device iPhone introduced over the last 4 years.

As for all devices, update iOS 15 are installed on 63% of devices, the remaining about 30% are still on iOS 14 and older are in the 7%range.

Apple retrieved the data from App Store access on January 11, 2022.

Switch on device iPad, Apple also shares the percentage of users iPadOS 15 to January 2022.

For devices iPad introduced over the last 4 years, users who have updated to iPadOS 15 reached 57%, the rest in iPadOS 14 is at 39% and the other is 4%.

For all devices iPad the figure is 49% for iPadOS 15, 37% for iPadOS 14 and the rest alias iPadOS older at 14%.

This data also comes from access to the App Store on January 11, 2022.


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