Consequences of four countries’ debt swaps in Indonesia

Jakarta – On Tuesday, October 18, 2022, Indonesia received exciting news. Four creditor countries, namely Germany, Italy, Australia and the United States, have pledged to eliminate part of Indonesia’s external debt payments to them. According to the special staff of Finance Minister Yustinus Prastowo, the cancellation of this external debt is worth $ 334.94 million […]

Paid by Jokowi, Indonesia’s debt to China efficiently drops radically

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Bank Indonesia (BI) documented that Indonesia’s public external debt (ULN) has reduced. The decline in external personal debt has happened for 4 consecutive months. Based on BI knowledge, the external personal debt at the stop of June amounted to US $ 403 billion or approximately Rs.5,919 trillion (trade price of Rs.14,688 […]

Great! Not only to China, this is the result of Jokowi paying RI’s debt

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Indonesian government has a foreign debt (ULN) in May 2022 of US$ 406.3 billion. However, this number decreased compared to April which was US$ 410.1 billion. The decline in debt was caused by a decrease in the external debt position of the public sector (Government and Central Bank) and the […]

10 Countries with the Biggest Debt to RI, China Number 1?

Jakarta – Position Indonesia’s foreign debt at the end of April 2022, it was recorded at US$ 409.5 billion. This value decreased compared to the position of external debt in the previous month of US$ 412.1 billion. Based on BI’s records, this development was mainly due to a decline in the position of public sector […]

Paid by Jokowi, Indonesia’s Debt to China Shrinks to this amount

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesia’s government debt to foreign countries or external debt is reported to have decreased. This is revealed from data presented by Bank Indonesia, Friday (15/7/2022). Bank Indonesia (BI) reported that May’s external debt fell by US$ 3.8 billion from the previous month to US$ 406.3 billion or around Rp. 6,094 trillion […]

Paid by Pak Jokowi, Indonesia’s Debt to China Now Remains IDR 326 T

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesia’s External Debt (ULN) fell again in May, thus the decline has occurred in 3 consecutive months. The decline occurred in both government and private debt. Bank Indonesia (BI) today reported that May’s external debt fell by US$ 3.8 billion from the previous month to US$ 406.3 billion or around Rp. […]

US Dollar Rage Again, Beware of Swelling RI’s Foreign Debt!

Jakarta – Dollar AS getting crazier. Many of the country’s currencies were under pressure from Uncle Sam’s money, including the rupiah which had weakened when the US dollar reached Rp. 15,000. If dollar AS stronger, what impact will the community have? CELIOS Director Bhima Yudhistira Adhinegara revealed that the actual impact that would be felt […]

Russia defaults on debt for the first time since 1998

loading… President Vladimir Putin. Russia defaulted on its foreign debt for the first time since 1998. Photo/REUTERS MOSCOW – Russia has failed to pay foreign debt for the first time since 1998. It came after the country missed a Sunday deadline to make $100 million in interest payments. Russia does have the money and is […]

Top! RI’s Foreign Debt Drops Drastically, Has Jokowi Paid It?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Bank Indonesia (BI) reported that Indonesia’s external debt was at US$ 409.5 billion in April 2022. Assuming US$ 1 is equivalent to Rp. 14,729, the external debt value is Rp. 6,031.52 trillion. Meanwhile, this figure decreased compared to the previous month’s external debt of US$ 412.1 billion (Rp 6,069.82 trillion). On […]