Raisi Appointed President Of Iran In Front Of Officials Of 73 Countries

loading… TEHERAN – Ibrahim Raisi will be appointed president Iran at the Parliament offices on Thursday (5/8/2021) afternoon. The inauguration of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s protege will take place in front of international officials from 73 countries. His swearing-in ceremony came today after Khamenei on Tuesday officially marked Raisi as president in a ceremony […]

‘I Don’t Want To Share In This Sin’

loading… TEHERAN – Ibrahim Raisi , 60, nicknamed “sadistic executioner” confirmed to be the new president Iran after his vote defeats three other presidential candidates (candidates). Former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who was denied his candidacy in the presidential election (pilpres) admitted to abstaining or not voting. “I don’t want to take part in this sin,” […]

Ebrahim Raisi The Sadistic Executioner Becomes Iran’s New President

loading… TEHERAN – Ibrahim Raisi , ultraconservative scholars Iran , on Saturday (19/6/2021) was reported to have won the presidential election (pilpres) in the country even before the official results were announced. Raisi was dubbed the “sadistic executioner” and “the butcher of 1998” for his role as a key member of the so-called “Death Commission”, […]

Iran Wants To Attack Fort McNair Base, Wants To Exterminate US Generals

loading… WASHINGTON – Intelligence United States of America (US) reveals that Iran plans to attack Fort McNair Army base near Washington DC. The plot was also to assassinate Deputy Army Chief of Staff General Joseph M. Martin. According to intelligence, communications intercepted by the National Security Service (NSA) in January indicated that Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary […]

This is the reason why Iran always threatens Israel’s Haifa

loading… TEHERAN – For years, Iran repeatedly threatened to attack the city of Haifa, Israel. On Sunday, the city was again discussed as a target when an Iranian newspaper urged the government to attack Haifa if Israel is proven to be behind the killing of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. Experts say that although Haifa […]

A US tactical strike on Iran would be …

loading… TEHERAN – Hossein Dehghan, former defense minister Iran who became the advisor to the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned United States of America (US) not to harass Tehran, even with a tactical attack. He said a tactical attack on Tehran would turn into a full-scale war. This warning appeared after Reuters and New […]