The EU bonds are a future model for Europe

The author Philipp Heimberger is an economist at the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies and at the Institute for Overall Analysis of the Economy, Linz. In the last months of 2020, the EU issued its first Covid-related bonds. The money raised by the EU Commission on the financial markets is used to finance the […]

Washington state spends money itself

Washington Governeur Jay Inslee Nearly 100,000 independent contractors, temporary workers and self-employed would be paid $ 550 per person over the coming week. (Photo: AP) Washington Because of the blockade of the Corona aid package, the US state of Washington is stepping into the breach with support payments to those in need. Nearly 100,000 independent […]

New debt: Corona crisis will burden national budgets for decades

Germany New borrowing Corona crisis will burden national budgets for decades Status: 5:51 a.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes The pandemic has driven up new indebtedness in the countries Source: dpa / Michael Kappeler The corona pandemic could be overcome within the next year. But the federal states will still feel the consequences of the […]

Green housekeeper warns of austerity rounds after the corona crisis

An investment program with 500 billion euros by 2030 is necessary, said Kindler. “In times of historically low interest rates, we want to reform the debt brake so that future net investments can be financed through loans.” The state could afford to fight the pandemic. It is extremely dangerous that some in the Union are […]

Dutch government threatens to stop state aid for KLM

The government wants to help the airline, which has got into financial difficulties due to the corona pandemic, with an aid package totaling 3.4 billion euros. Finance Minister Hoekstra linked the aid to drastic austerity measures at KLM. While the cabin and ground crew unions agreed to wage cuts until 2025 on Saturday, the pilots’ […]

The first 17 billion flow from Brussels

Specifically, Italy initially received 10 billion euros, the first tranche of a committed sum of 27.4 billion. Spain initially received 6 out of 21.3 billion and Poland received 1 billion out of 11.2 billion. A total of 87.9 billion euros has been agreed to be paid out to 17 countries under Sure. The lid is […]

EU reconstruction fund: A lot of money helps a lot

Summit on July 20, 2020 in Brussels The European heads of government agreed on the “European Recovery Fund” (ERF) on July 20th after one of the longest summits. (Photo: AP) Berlin The € 750 billion European reconstruction fund will give the poorer EU countries a boost in growth. This is the result of a study […]

How does it work? Why is it important?

Since the financial crisis, Germany has written in the Basic Law to curb new debt – the debt brake has been introduced. But how does it even work? The corona virus shakes Germany’s budget. For a long time, the principle of the “black zero” applied, so the state should not spend more than it earns. […]

British debt mountain grows over two trillion pounds for the first time

GGreat Britain’s national debt is rising to a record level due to the Corona crisis. Public debt surged above the two trillion pound mark (around 2.2 trillion euros) for the first time in July, according to official data on Friday. The debt ratio rose to 100.5 percent of economic output, the highest level since 1961, […]