White House accuses Florida of wanting to eliminate the right to abortion

AFP Washington, United States / 07.03.2023 16:04:00 The White House ruled against a Republican bill in Florida accusing that it “it would practically eliminate a woman’s right” by lowering the abortion threshold from 15 weeks to just six. “The bill proposed by Florida would ban abortion before many women know if they are pregnantvirtually eliminating […]

Case of Brain Eating Amoeba Allegedly due to Rinsing Nose with Tap Water

CNN Indonesia Saturday, 04 Mar 2023 22:22 WIB Amoeba illustration. A person in Charlotte County, Florida, has died after being infected with a brain-eating amoeba. (iStockphoto/Dr_Microbe) Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A person in Charlotte County, Florida, died in early February after being infected with the brain-eating amoeba, Naegleria fowleri. Now the Florida Department of Health […]

There’s a Burning Battery in the Cabin, the Plane Makes an Emergency Landing

Jakarta – The Spirit Airlines flight had to be diverted from its destination because there was smoke rising from the cabin. It is suspected that the fire started from the battery. Spirit Airlines airline crew said that there was a burnt battery in the aircraft cabin. As a result the Spirit Airlines Flight diverted and […]

Florida residents celebrate a green zone

The Popular Party congratulated itself yesterday for the change made by the municipal government of Vigo, “for having rectified its intention to reclassify a green zone in Florida, as we demanded from the PP,” said the municipal spokesman, Alfonso Marnotes . A group of residents of Florida was yesterday morning in the consistory to verify […]

Florida County Seeks to Hire Puerto Rican Teachers – NBC Orlando (31)

Polk County in Florida seeks to hire Puerto Rican teachers. The Polk County Public School District published a call for educators from Puerto Rico to conduct job interviews in San Juan. Interested persons should schedule an appointment online and go to the Courtyard Isla Verde Beach Resort. According to the publication, teachers can start with […]

Viral Giant Alligator Relaxing on the Golf Course

Florida – American Alligator is alligator native to the United States and common in the Florida area. But it’s rare to see giant alligators walking the golf course so it becomes viral on social media. Seen in the viral photo, a very large looking alligator is in the grass. The image was taken by resident […]