New LG QNED Mini LED TV, Color Champion Makes Images Look More Realistic – LG Electronics launched globally the latest premium TV set, namely the LG QNED Mini LED TV. This product will soon be available in the North American market and subsequently various countries around the world starting this July. Comes with two 8K and 4K resolution options, the LG QNED Mini LED TV has a […]

The Apple TV 4K watched and tried it out

The Apple TV 4K: Update for the black box Apple TV 4K in the sixth generation: The appearance of the black box does not change, but the remote control is new. Photo: Apple Inc./dpa-tmn (Photo: dpa) The setup is very easy. Unpack, hook up to the electricity, HDMI cable into the TV. Anyone who already […]

Samsung UHD 4K TV / projectors refund offer, up to € 500 refunded

To prepare well for Euro 2020 which will begin in June, the Korean manufacturer is offering a reimbursement offer entitled “Be in the best place” for an amount of up to 500 euros. Since yesterday, April 27, and until June 22, 2021, for any purchase or rental of a television or ultra short throw projector […]

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti launched in 2017 may be re-produced

Another plate that resurfaces thanks to high demand and production difficulties EVGA may re-produce new units from GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, which was launched in 2017. The account @ harukaze517 revealed through a tweet last Sunday (4) that the user discovered this through a serial number of a GPU EVGA, after the report of a […]

zoom on the Imation Imation Mini LED matrix

Samsung announced at the Las Vegas 2021 virtual show in early January, for its 2021 TV range, the new Quantum Mini LED backlight system associated with Quantum Matrix technology. Kesako? Zoom on the unique Quantum Mini LED backlighting system for Samsung Neo QLED televisions (see our CES 21 news> Samsung Neo QLED TV: 12 series […]

Blizzard Gem Remastering Announced: Diablo 2

The video game company Blizzard announced the realization of the graphic remastering of the game Diablo 2 developed in 2000. This new and modern version of the product launched 20 years ago will run at a rate of 60 Fps. While the idea of ​​a Diablo 2 remaster was an open secret, the BlizzConline became […]

Mejores TV para PS5 y Xbox Series X/S (4K, 120fps, HDR, VRR…)

Last November, the new generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft were released in Spain that without a doubt you will all know, PlayStation 5 y Xbox Series X/S. These are new platforms that are committed to 4K resolution and new technologies to offer us new experiences at a technical and playable level. With the arrival […]

How we live in a computer created illusion

The Indian term maya refers to the illusion that a person falls into and which obscures the true nature of things. Computers are replacing reality with us today – and I’m not talking about social bubbles or games, but about digitally calculating image and sound. We literally see and listen to what is not! We […]