Revilla sees “amazing” that only 73% of seniors have worn…

The president of Cantabria, Miguel Ángel Revilla, has called for “responsibility” regarding the vaccination against Covid-19 from sees “unbelievable” that the number of people over 80 who received the fourth dose remained at 73% in Spain. In his view, “it is total irresponsibility” do not put it when “we already know that the vaccine is […]

To whom and when should booster doses be given?

Vaccines provide protection against severe COVID-19 disease, hospitalization and death. For this reason, the health authorities recommend its administration both for a first vaccination (two doses) and for booster doses. According to Public Health, more than 87,000 cases, nearly 6,300 hospitalizations and 1,250 deaths were confirmed between February 2020 and September 2021 (20 months). Conversely, […]

The fourth dose of the vaccine

There was so much desire to move on that it could seem that the pandemic was already extinct. Nothing is further from reality. The news coming to us from China is not positive. The Asian giant is experiencing a new phase since it buried its ‘zero Covid’ policy and cases and hospital admissions have skyrocketed […]

Two years of vaccine and more than a million doses in León

It was dawn on December 30, 2020. A special New Year’s Eve. The health teams of León Primary Care have launched a historic campaign. Vaccination against covid, Sars-Cov-2, the coronavirus, began nine months after a state of alarm for the pandemic was declared in Spain. The vaccine of hope has begun to be provided in […]

Spain stores fourteen million doses of the expired Covid vaccine

shops spain fourteen million doses of Covid vaccines expired drugs which, predictably, will have to be destroyed like other expired drugs. The data was provided by Spanish Medicines Agency in response to a question asked by ‘The target‘ through the Transparency Portal. Most of the expired doses are from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer (8.2 million), […]

Fourth dose against covid in people under 60: is it advisable to apply it?

José Gómez Rial, immunologist: “In healthy people, the benefit will be low. We are talking about avoiding severe covid, and you can already avoid it with the three doses” Lorenzo Armenteros, SEMG spokesman: “This vaccine includes the new variants and that simple differential fact is an additional protection advantage” In the over 60s, ‘pandemic fatigue’ […]

Coronavirus vaccination: fourth most decisive dose of the omicron adjustment

Researchers are fiercely discussing what led to the adaptation of corona vaccines to the BA.5 variant. While vaccine makers Biontech and Moderna are touting the benefits of the new bivalent booster vaccines, a new independent laboratory study by researchers in Göttingen and Hanover now suggests that while there is an additional benefit from the upgrade, […]

get vaccinated now or wait for the bivalent

EXCLUSIVE FOR SUBSCRIBERS The new version also protects against Ómicron and reduces infections. Other countries in the region have advanced to get it, but there is still no news from Argentina. The willingness of the population to get vaccinated against Covid it has been reactivated in the last two weeks from increasingly marked increase in […]