The National Bank explained the rise in inflation –

Photo: NBU Press Center According to the forecasts of the National Bank, prices will not rise so rapidly in the future The peak of inflation in the country was passed in September 2021, and since October it has been gradually slowing down. In Ukraine, consumer inflation in December 2021 increased compared to 2020 to a […]

Ukraine replenished reserves by $ 1.8 billion for the year

Photo: NBU press service Ukraine’s reserves reached almost $ 31 billion The net acquisition of foreign currency by the National Bank alone in the interbank market exceeded $ 2.4 billion. Ukraine’s international reserves over the past year increased by 6% or by $ 1.8 billion and at the beginning of 2022 amounted to $ 30.9 […]

National Bank raised the discount rate due to inflation

Photo: NBU Press Center National Bank announced additional pro-inflationary risks The peak of the inflationary surge has passed, but inflation is declining more slowly than expected amid increasing geopolitical tensions, the NBU noted. The National Bank increased the discount rate by 50 basis points – up to 9% per annum from the current 8.5%. This […]

NBU registered the first collection companies

Photo: NBU Press Center Collection companies must be registered with the National Bank In Ukraine, for the first time, there was a legislative regulation of the behavior of collection companies and financial institutions in the settlement of overdue debt on consumer loans. The National Bank of Ukraine registered the first five companies that received the […]

The volume of transfers to Ukraine increased by a quarter

Photo: Money transfers to Ukraine increased In April, remittances to Ukraine from abroad increased sharply, despite the fact that before that they had been declining. In April 2021, the volume of private transfers to Ukraine from abroad amounted to $ 1,093 million. This is 26.4% more than a year earlier ($ 865 million). This […]

How to request an Anses loan for retirees and pensioners

Now you can take out loans in Anses for retirees: it is about credits of up to 200,000 pesos without leaving your home, with an online procedure that has few requirements. Also, with the National Bank, there is the possibility of buy computers with financing of up to 40 installments. On Mi Anses a simulator […]

National debt in 2021 will decrease to 55.8% of GDP – NBU

Photo: In 2020, the national debt grew to 60.8% of GDP The government intends to maintain a significant budget deficit in order to revive the economy and overcome the consequences of the pandemic. The National Bank of Ukraine expects the country’s public and guaranteed debt to fall to 55.8% of GDP. And this despite […]

National Bank assessed the benefits of a gas contract with the Russian Federation

Photo: NBU press service NBU assesses the benefits of the 2019 gas contract with Russia The contract for the transit of Russian gas to Europe through the Ukrainian gas transportation system was signed in December 2019. In 2020, the profit from the new transit contract with Gazprom amounted to about $ 0.5 billion. About it […]