Representatives of the Catholic Church in France sexually abused 216 thousand children in seventy years, the commission found out – ČT24 – Czech Television

Compared to national French statistics, sexual crimes committed by church leaders account for about four percent of all those committed in France, Sauvé said. Boys represent 80 percent of the victims, girls 20 percent. These numbers are about the same as for sexual violence against children in general, where boys make up 75 percent of […]

3,200 French Catholic Church Priest Paedophile Abuses Children

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The independent investigative commission reported at least 3,200 priests and officials Catholic church French others are pedophiles and have sexually abused children since 1950. One of France’s senior civil servants, Jean-Marc Sauve, said research by an independent commission found between 2,900 and 3,200 priests or other church members were pedophiles. He […]

France: ‘thousands of pedophiles in Catholic churches since 1950’ – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – PARIS, 03 OCT – Thousands of pedophiles have operated within the French Catholic Church since 1950. The head of an independent commission of inquiry said so a few days after the report was published. The survey found between 2,900 and 3,200 priests or other members of the church pedophiles, said Jean-Marc Sauve, adding […]

Samuel Ruiz García: universal irapuatense

The bust of Tatik (father, in Tzotzil), was unveiled by the governor and mayor in the remodeled esplanade of the Irapuato Market. In front of the house where as a child he lived. He was born here on November 3, 1924. His parents, Lupe and Maclovio, met in the United States, illegal immigrants. The first […]

Ron Mieczkowski über das Werk Miklós Szentkuthys

AThis journey cannot begin elsewhere: the dining car on the train from Berlin to Budapest is closed, the landlord only sells bottled beer – mainly to a gentlemen’s company that will get off again in Dresden. With the prospect of at least twelve hours of fasting comes the right mood: I may actually be on […]

“We do not perpetuate traditions, we reinvent them”

THE BROTHERHOODS (1/6) – With 600 years of existence, this brotherhood of lay Catholics has experienced a new lease of life since the 1990s. Le Figaro met the “living memories” of the “Nice spirit”. Seated on a terrace in the Old Town, under the midday sun, three accomplices are talking vehemently. In 1860, was the […]