Samuel Ruiz García: universal irapuatense

The bust of Tatik (father, in Tzotzil), was unveiled by the governor and mayor in the remodeled esplanade of the Irapuato Market. In front of the house where as a child he lived. He was born here on November 3, 1924. His parents, Lupe and Maclovio, met in the United States, illegal immigrants. The first […]

Ron Mieczkowski über das Werk Miklós Szentkuthys

AThis journey cannot begin elsewhere: the dining car on the train from Berlin to Budapest is closed, the landlord only sells bottled beer – mainly to a gentlemen’s company that will get off again in Dresden. With the prospect of at least twelve hours of fasting comes the right mood: I may actually be on […]

“We do not perpetuate traditions, we reinvent them”

THE BROTHERHOODS (1/6) – With 600 years of existence, this brotherhood of lay Catholics has experienced a new lease of life since the 1990s. Le Figaro met the “living memories” of the “Nice spirit”. Seated on a terrace in the Old Town, under the midday sun, three accomplices are talking vehemently. In 1860, was the […]

The pope’s operation was accompanied by complications. He is conscious, he will stay in the hospital longer

According to the local media, complications accompanied Sunday’s planned operation, during which doctors removed a part of Pope František’s colon. The operation of the eighty-four-year-old head of the Catholic Church lasted about three hours. The Vatican has announced that the pope is already conscious and breathing without the help of instruments. Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni […]

Pope Francis Abolishes Privileges for Cardinals and Bishops Page all

VATICAN CITY, – Pope Francis decreed that para bishop and cardinals who serve in the Vatican will be tried by lay courts, the same as in other criminal cases and no longer by an elite panel of prelates. Pope Francis issued a decree invalidating the inner provisions civil criminal law Vatican on Friday (30/4/2021). […]

The VII Festival of Sacred Music enlivened the Semana Mayor

With different vocal and instrumental interpretations, sacred music accompanied the liturgical ceremonies within the framework of Holy Week. With presentations in Ibagué, Guamo and Carmen de Apicalá, today the VII Festival of Sacred Music that took place from March 31 and adorned the liturgical meetings that took place in different municipalities with strong religious tradition […]