Play The Hunter: Call of the Wild. Free at the Epic Games Store right now

If you are eager to shoot some digital animals, you can now do so because the Swedish-developed game The Hunter: Call of the Wild is now completely free via Epic Games Store. So if this sounds tempting, you can download the game via the link below. Another thing that is free where right now are […]

Volkswagen has a new strategy. It gives batteries to cars in installments

The concept of so-called battery rental is nothing new in the world, but each manufacturer approaches it a little differently. Probably the most interesting and most efficient way is offered by the car manufacturer NIO, which thanks to the BaaS program (Battery as a Service) allows a complete replacement of a discharged battery with a […]

Jreng! It’s not Avanza or Xpander, this is the King of Indonesia’s new car

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Domestic car sales still recorded positive growth until last October 2021. Based on data from the Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries (Gaikindo), car sales were recorded wholesales (distribution from factories to dealers) in October 2021 grew 54.1% yoy compared to October 2020. When compared to September, car sales this month fell […]

Apple restarts sales in Turkey again. With about 25 percent higher prices

After a two-day sales halt, the Apple Store seems to be selling gadgets in Turkey once again. Earlier this week, we wrote that Apple has stopped its own sales in the country due to high inflation and the low value of the Turkish lira. Now the Apple Store will be up and running again, but […]

Index – Tech-Science – Android users are warned of a dangerous virus

To date, users have downloaded it more than 9.3 million times in total from the Huawei app store it has more than 190 applications that they contain a dangerous virus. Experts have notified Huawei of the discovery and have since removed the apps from the store’s offerings. A modified version of a malware called Cynos, […]

Avanza Leaving! This is the new ‘King’ of Indonesian cars

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – National car sales grew positively in October 2021 compared to the same period last year (year-on-year/yoy). There was a surprise where the car of a million people, the Avanza, was kicked out of the position of the best-selling car champion last month. Automatic, there is a new king on the throne […]

The bear accidentally ripped off the sheikh’s Lamborghini door

Photo: Humayd Abdullah Albukaish and his pet Bad luck trapped the animal when it tried to reach the apple through the open window of a luxury car. The house bear of the sheikh, investor and collector of supercars from Dubai, Humayd Abdullah Albukaish, tore off the door of his Lamborghini. A video of the […]