Boston expands its portfolio with Ampere Cloud Native processors

Through the new cooperation with Ampere Computing and its Ampere® Altra® product family with modern 64-bit arm-based server architecture, Boston is growing in the field of cloud native computing solutions. Boston and Ampere are ideal partners to jointly develop energy-efficient and resource-saving IT solutions for companies in the direction of hyperscale cloud and edge computing. […]

Hellspy is ending for good. Refunds to users – News

As one of the largest data sharing servers in the Czech Republic, Hellspy has been a thorn in the side of copyright defenders for a long time. On this portal, as on a number of other Internet storage sites, people shared movies, music, games and illegal copies of various programs. For example, Weemazz, which searches […]

Discord Server Details

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The two leading technology companies are “on the rise”, with more than 1.6 billion funds hot!The main force in the late trading rushed to raise these stocks

(Original title: The main capital | The two major technology leaders are “rising”, with more than 1.6 billion funds hot! The main force in the late trading is rushing to raise these stocks) Technology stocks were the main players rushing to raise funds. According to the statistics of the Securities Times·Databao, the net outflow of […]

Bungie Explains Destiny 2 Server Shutdown | News block

Following bug reports of players’ seals, rewards, and progress suddenly disappearing, Bungie has clarified the steps it took to resolve the issue. server shutdown and reset. As it turns out, an internal tool that Bungie uses to help move players’ states from one location to another, due to a configuration error, accidentally re-ran an older […]

Blizzard’s national server officially discontinued. Netease issued a service suspension announcement: looking forward to meeting with players again_Cooperation_Game_Both Sides

Original Title: Blizzard’s National Service Officially Stops NetEase’s Announcement: Looking forward to seeing you again Cover news reporter Fu Wenchao On January 23, NetEase released the announcement “NetEase’s Farewell Letter to Blizzard National Server Players: Thank You for 14 Years”, officially announcing the suspension of Blizzard games. At 0:00 on January 24, 2023, “World of […]

CEs 2023: AMD unveiled XDNA design

The company is also attacking the machine learning market with new accelerators, and Magic Leap 2 is also being served. At CES, in addition to processors, system chips and graphics controllers, AMD also paid attention to more professional needs, and within this, machine learning came to the fore. The company mainly highlighted the XDNA architecture, […]

Learn the difference between cloud hosting and VPS hosting

Loading… The terms Cloud Hosting and VPS may still be rarely known by some people in Indonesia. DOC’s photo JAKARTA – Deadline Cloud Hosting and VPS may still be rarely known to some people in Indonesia. Conversely, terms like this will be very familiar to people who have known the world for a long time […]