From 2022, the highways in Greece will become more expensive

PHOTO: Pixabay Road tolls for the use of highways in Greece will increase from January 1, 2022. The increase will be an average of 0.05-0.15 euros for cars, according to Greek media. The Athens-Thessaloniki highway will cost 31.35 euros, up from 30.65 euros now. So the total increase will be 70 cents. Athens-Patras will rise […]

These highways get full on weekends

Berlin / Munich – Half of Germany is during the autumn holidays – many travel by car. Therefore, it could get busier on the motorways in some places this coming weekend (October 15th to 17th). Especially since the holidays start in the Netherlands and Denmark. That’s how he calculates Auto Club Europa (ACE) with heavy […]

Danger of traffic jams at the weekend: A lot of return traffic

Danger of traffic jams at the weekend: A lot of return traffic October 21, 2021 at 11:19 a.m. Many travelers have to expect traffic jams and waiting times at the weekend. Photo: dpa Many people returning from their autumn vacation are crowding onto the highways this weekend. Other vacationers are still starting. Berlin / Munich. […]

Mancini and the closed motorway, the vent via Instagram: “Shame on you”

Complicated return home for the Italian coach, who found the motorway junction closed without warning. During the night he let off steam via Instagram and the response from Autostrade per l’Italia arrived: “We will try to improve the service information even more” Two draws and a victory on the way to the World Cup, five […]

A terrible nightmare on the highways awaits drivers on the weekends MAP

10 traffic jams due to repairs and construction and even mowing the lawn can slow down cars during today’s long weekend, writes Monitor. Due to the three days merging the national holiday for the Unification of Bulgaria with the weekends, tens of thousands of Bulgarians are on their way. Some of the residents of Sofia […]

Careful drivers: congested travel weekend is imminent

Careful drivers: congested travel weekend is imminent The summer holidays bring a lot of vehicles onto the highways across the country. The ADAC expects numerous traffic jams in the next few days. Photo: dpa The last federal states start their holidays, they end elsewhere. One of the most crowded weekends is expected. Where does it […]

Experts expect congested highways>news>newsticker> 06. August 2021 – 15:42 clock Berlin / Munich (dpa / tmn) – Motorists are facing one of the most congested weekends of the summer season. The reason for this is the approaching end of the holidays in Berlin and Brandenburg as well as in parts of Northern Europe. In addition, on weekends 7./8. […]

Highway Cashback, new refunds for motorists

Autostrade per l’Italia has undergone a proceeding by the Antitrust, which accuses the company that manages the motorway network of our country of having serious traffic problems in some sections, due to the work in progress, and of not having lowered tariffs for motorists who suffer continuous slowdowns. This is why, as many drivers have […]

It gets particularly crowded on these motorways on weekends>counselor> The first holidays are coming to an end in the north, and they are only just beginning in the south The volume of traffic is increasing throughout Germany. No wonder, it is now travel time in all federal states without exception. In the far north it comes to an end this weekend, in the […]

The motorways get particularly full here

With the start of the holidays in many federal states, the streets will be full again. Stefan Sauer / dpa For the coming weekend (June 25th to 27th) Berlin, Brandenburg and Hamburg will also start their summer vacation. The Auto Club Europa (ACE) and the ADAC estimate that traffic jams come back to the motorways […]