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Newly Introduced Cars in EU Must Now Include Safety Features, Including Speed Warning – Dacia Prices Expected to Rise

What newly introduced cars have had to have for some time now is waiting for all cars newly sold in the countries of the European Union from July 7th. Even the cheapest cars on the market cannot avoid an acoustic warning for exceeding the maximum speed or an assistant for driving in lanes. These will become more expensive as a result, as Dacia shows. Fortunately, not by much.

Although, according to Dacia representatives, their customers do not require assistance systems, European regulations are relentless. And so the Sandero and Jogger will from now on make an unpleasant sound at even a very slight speeding. It’s a feature that is probably the most frequently overlooked feature of the security regulation known as GSR2. With some brands, it can at least be turned off quickly, for example BMW or Renault, but elsewhere it is a long-distance run through several layers in the on-board system.

How Dacia will fare remains to be seen, however, the automaker promises to quickly deactivate some systems using the “my safety” button on the left under the steering wheel. It can be expected that this is mainly aimed at the speed sign recognition system. By pressing a single button, the system can also be turned off after each start, for example in the new Renault Scenic.

But the speed assistant is not the only innovation in Dacia equipment. As a basic feature, they will also have emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist detection, lane assist, lane departure warning, rear parking sensors, automatic lights and wipers, or driver fatigue warning. This list is then supplemented by an accident recording device, an alcohol immobilizer and an emergency stop signal.

Of course, all of this has raised the base price of the Sander and Jogger that the systems installation currently covers. The new Duster is a must-have, as is the rejuvenated Spring, whose prices we do not yet know. The old Duster is then resold from stock, so the new systems do not apply to it.

At the same time, the basic atmospheric liter three-cylinder was dropped from the Sander, so the new basis is a turbocharged three-cylinder with an output of 67 kW. The starting price is 319,900 crowns, 3.5 thousand higher than before. However, thanks to the end of the naturally aspirated engine, the Sandero will not fall below the threshold of 300,000 crowns for the first time. Cars below it continue to decrease on the Czech market.

In addition to the liter engine, the five-door hatchback also has the same unit modified for LPG operation, which starts at 334,900 crowns. By the way, the basic Essential equipment also does not have air conditioning as standard, only the higher Expression level offers it here. The more adventurous Stepway model is based on the Sander, it is offered with the same engines and costs new from 354,900 crowns, in the Extreme equipment it is also supplied with an 81kW liter three-cylinder.

In the end, the news about the Jogger, which is finally heading to the Czech Republic as a hybrid, is finally more interesting. This is the same device as in the new Duster with an electrified petrol sixteen-cylinder engine with a system output of 104 kW and an automatic transmission. On paper, the hybrid station wagon claims 4.7 to 4.8 l/100 km.

From the classic Jogger, the hybrid is clearly recognizable by the digital instrument panel with a diagonal of seven inches, and the powertrain from the second Expression trim is available. This means prices from 569,000 crowns, while a hybrid version with seven seats is also available. Then the price jumps by another 30 thousand crowns.

With new safety features as well as manual air conditioning from the basic equipment, the Jogger costs at least 425,500 crowns, which is eight thousand more than before. In this case, under the hood is a liter turbocharged three-cylinder with a gas drive. In addition to it, the Jogger is also offered with a liter turbocharged three-cylinder gasoline engine with an output of 81 kW, which costs from 455,000 crowns, but already in higher equipment. The third row of seats is always available for an additional fee of 30,000 crowns.

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