Practical Compact SUVs with Manual Gearbox: Dacia Duster and SsangYong Korando

The offer of practical compact SUVs with all-wheel drive is quite rich. However, it is mostly associated with automatic transmissions and therefore more expensive. You won’t find many with a manual gearbox. The cheapest are Dacia Duster and SsangYong Korando. Although some environmentalists don’t like it, the best-selling segment among passenger cars is currently that […]

New Design Predictions for the Third Generation Dacia Duster 2022

The presentation of the third generation of the popular Dacia Duster is approaching, it should happen next year. So it’s no wonder that illustrations are appearing on the Internet trying to guess what the Romanian hit could look like in the new edition. A well-known designer and virtual artist also comes with his own design […]

“Dacia’s Modernization in the 90s: How Italian Design Saved the Brand”

In the 1990s, the Romanian car manufacturer Dacia was not doing very well. A new model with a modern Italian design helped her. Dacia’s story is in many ways similar to other automobile companies of the former Eastern Bloc, which had to adapt to a significantly new situation after the fall of the Iron Curtain. […]

Dacia Spring Electric 65 Review: More Power for the Tiny Urban Car

Dacia has significantly strengthened its so far only electric car, the tiny urban Spring. We drove the novelty with significantly higher performance for the first time in Vienna and here are our first impressions. When Romania’s Dacia started selling the smallest Spring, it made otherwise expensive electromobility available to lower-income potential customers as well as […]

“Dacia: The Czech Leader in LPG Cars with Dual-Fuel Engines”

Today, Dacia is the only brand on the Czech market offering a complete range of models with “dual-fuel” combustion engines, which makes the once cheap Romanian carmaker the current Czech leader in sales of new LPG cars. And in the Czech Republic, more than 41 percent of the brand’s customers choose them. The popular Dacia […]

“Exploring the Czech Dacia Duster: Price List, Equipment Lines, and Performance”

The Czech Dacia Duster price list currently has three equipment lines: the basic Expression, the middle Journey and the top Extreme. And the aforementioned access to two available all-wheel drive motorizations is of course reflected in the prices. The diesel Duster Blue dCi 115 4×4 costs at least 517,500 CZK, the petrol model TCe 150 […]

What to Expect from the Third Generation Dacia Duster: a Sneak Peek at Its Design

The third generation Dacia Duster will probably arrive next year. What could she look like? The answer to this question is offered by the graphics of the motoring website Bikes, which comes with its own design as a successor to the popular SUV. Of course, his vision is strongly inspired by the Bigster concept, presented […]

The production of Dacia’s latest C-segment SUV will take place in Romania.

Romanian carmaker Dacia has announced that its new C-segment SUV based on the Bigster concept, scheduled to hit the market in 2025, will be produced at its plant in the city of Mioveni, Romania. In addition to this, the next generation Duster will also be produced at the same location, writes Romania Insider. “True to […]