Soon, some articles of the implementing regulation of the implementation system will be modified to speed up the delivery of the amounts to the beneficiaries • Al-Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Ministry of Justice has announced the modification of some articles of the executive regulation of the implementation system, with the aim of obtaining prompt justice and rapid delivery of the amounts to the beneficiaries, who have asked for their shares and debts. The changes included: the annulment of paragraph 56/1 of the […]

An important clarification from the “Insurance Company” on the reason for the appearance of the “non-changeable salary” message • Al-Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The General Social Insurance Organization revealed the secret behind the appearance of “Salary cannot be changed” message in the social insurance platform when updating data. The institution stated that the salary must first be updated in the salary protection system so that the taxpayer can adjust the salary in the social insurance. And […]

Modders have added RTX support to Battlefield 1942 and the first Max Payne

Enthusiasts have stepped up with the release of the RTX version Portalstarting to add ray tracing support to classic shooters using the updated puzzle files. The other day, modifications were demonstrated for Battlefield 1942 it is original Max Payne. The work of the first video can be evaluated here. The change was made by a […]

“Dian Yu Ren Ke 2077” Broke 130,000 Online At Once And The Popular Animated Character Mod of “Edge Walker” Happened A Lot | 4Gamers

The animated series of Netflix video game adaptation “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners” produced by TRIGGER became the most talked about work in the ACG circle recently after its launch, while “Cyberpunk 2077” (Cyberpunk 2077)) The number of online users continues to grow, and the number of people online at Steam’s peak reached 136,724. For CD Projekt Red, […]

Video Editing for Beginners Suitable for Alight Motion

PURWAKARTA NEWS – Edit video suitable for beginners Alight Motion, download the app for Android and iOS. Presence Alight Motion this is a solution for editors video beginners especially for users Android and iOS. For those of you who want download Alight Motion version 4.0.5 we provide an alternative link at the end of the […]

KineMaster Legal Download Link, Video Edit Recommended by Best Android HP Users

PURWAKARTA TALK – If you are looking for link download application edit video which legalwe share here. Application edit video that’s one of them KineMaster. This is recommendation for users HP type Android. KineMaster has long been available and can be downloaded for free. Besides, because legalapplication edit video it is safe to use. Also […]

Take a peek at Alight Motion’s Rich Features: Many Graphic Layers to Motion Blur

PURWAKARTA NEWS – Alight Motion is application edit video which can be used for all types HPstarting from Android and iOS. You will get various benefits, of course Alight Motion latest 2022 or version 4.0.5. The application provides a variety of feature interesting that makes your edits like video professional. Also Read: Using Y2Mate, the […]