Why Did T-Rex Have Small Arms? The Evolutionary Explanation

Why Did T-Rex Have Small Arms? The Evolutionary Explanation

Jakarta – Tyrannosaurus rex or T-rex is known as the most ferocious dinosaur and has the strongest bite among all animals that have ever walked on land. However, judging from its shape, T-rex has very small hands compared to its body. Why? Despite being extinct, T-rex is known to have lived in the wilderness at […]

Researchers Discover T-Rex Mouth and Lip Shape: Not What We Thought

Bandung – The dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex or T-rex is often depicted showing off its large and sharp canine teeth. However, a study has shown that our images of theropod faces are wrong. Quoted from detikEdu, Initially, paleontologists had a hard time figuring out the shape of a dinosaur’s mouth because skin and soft organs usually […]

Group of scientists claim that Tyrannosaurus rex possessed lips

EPAA T. rex skeleton in a museum in Berlin NOS News•yesterday, 20:23 The tyrannosaurus rex most likely had lips, according to a new study. This was also the case with other large dinosaurs belonging to the group known as theropods. As a result, the teeth of the animals were probably not visible when they closed […]

Millions of Years Ago, Giant Birds of Predation Terrorized Earth

All Thats Interesting Most paleontologists believe that this giant predatory bird used its large, sharp beak to kill its prey. Nationalgeographic.co.id—In prehistoric chronicles, there once lived one giant bird frequent predators terrorize and troubling ecosystem on earth. Scientists call these critical times “terror birds.” Even though it is called a bird, it is actually unable […]

T-Rex Allegedly Has a Smart Brain to Be Able to Build Culture, Really?

Jakarta – Who would have thought that it turned out to be a dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex or T-Rex turns out to have a smart brain capable of making equipment, solving problems, to build a culture. Interesting right? In a new study it is said that the dinosaur brain turned out to have neurons as dense […]

This animal looks like a bird, but has a strange dinosaur bone

Loading… Illustration by Cratonavis zhui showing the physiology of dinosaurs and birds. Photo: ist JAKARTA – The scientist has just analyzed the sample single fossil . Its age is 120 million years. Physically, the fossil animal is shaped like a bird. But, they have dinosaur skulls and bones. The research was revealed in the latest […]

Presumed ancestor of T-rex, expert finds new tyrannosaurus fossil Page all

KOMPAS.com – Paleontologists have discovered the remains of a never-before-seen tyrannosaurus. The fossil is thought to be ancestor of the T-rex. According to the researchers, this newly discovered species is the direct ancestor of tyrannosaurus rex while also helping to settle the great T-rex lineage debate. New named species Daspletosaurus wilsoni It has a unique […]

Science reveals T. Rex’s weaknesses, he has tiny arms and runs slowly but surely

KOMPA.com – Tyrannosaurus Rex it is 1 of the most ferocious predators that have at any time lived on Earth. With large bodies, sharp tooth, and jaws solid enough to crush a automobile, these carnivores inhabited the wooded river valleys of western North The united states in the course of the Late Cretaceous, about 68 […]

The chunk of T. Rex can ruin vehicles, the tension reaches 6 tons

KOMPA.com – Tyrannosaurus Rex is a dinosaur that has remarkable bite power. With its tooth and jaws, T.rex it can exert up to six tons of stress on its prey. A T. rex chunk can not only crush bones, it can also demolish a auto. In accordance to Casey Holliday, a paleontologist at Missouri College, […]