Why haven’t aliens contacted Earth yet? A study answers

Why haven’t aliens contacted Earth yet? A study answers if it were aliens It already exists, so why haven’t they tried to contact us already? The idea of ​​intelligent extraterrestrial life has long haunted scientists and laymen alike, with many theories about what might or might not be out there in the depths of space. … Read more

Study Provides Reason Why Aliens Haven’t Contacted Earth Yet

if it were aliens They already exist, so why haven’t they already tried to contact us? The idea of ​​extraterrestrial life has long fascinated scientists and the public alike, with many theories as to what may or may not be out there in the depths of space, and a recent study has now offered a … Read more

See .. A celebration of marriage in one of the tribes with the participation of some foreigners • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Content creator, “Ahmed Al-Turbani,” of the Arab tribes residing in southern Sinai, documented a video of a wedding ceremony for a tribe member through his Tik Tok account. The video recorded the participation of some foreigners with members of the tribe, wearing Gulf robes, in the wedding ceremony, as they danced to the … Read more

NASA warns of giant asteroid that will pass close to Earth next week; ‘potentially dangerous’ – Metro World News Brasil

A NASA (US Space Agency) has issued a new warning about a large asteroid that will pass close to Earth next week. Officially named ‘2022 OE2′, the space object will pass close to our planet on Thursday (04-08). As revealed by the NASA website, the asteroid has an approximate diameter of almost 380 meters (dimension … Read more

Great mothers of film and television pop culture

It does not matter in what culture it is located, nor in what time or region of the world, the mother figure has been and will always be sacred in any type of culture, that is why in each discipline of art throughout history they have been given representations both diverse and enriching. The cinema … Read more

The scientist was excited by the new discovery. Jupiter’s moon could have a habitable part

During a radar observation study of the Greenland ice sheet, a team of scientists discovered a similar double M-shaped ridge, which is a kind of mini-version of the object in Europe. Study with detailed results was published in the journal Nature Communications. Alien life candidate Aeronautical instruments help scientists study the Earth’s polar regions and … Read more

Television | Series: Impotence in the face of aggressive aliens

— The alien invasions have been one of the favorite recurring themes within the science fiction genre since the sixties with the mythical ‘The Invaders’, followed by great hits such as ‘V’ or ‘The X Files’ and recently ending with two versions from ‘The War of the Worlds’. The latest contribution to the genre has … Read more

Chinese probe finds “mysterious house” on the moon! What is it about?

– A Chinese lunar vehicle photographed a strange object on the far side of the moon. At first glance, it might seem like a house. But what is it really about? Chinese astronomers were fascinated by a photograph taken by the lunar vehicle Yutu-2 on the far side of the moon. According to the web, … Read more