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Olga Buzova admitted that she pays for her vacation with her lover

Olga Buzova and her chosen one rest in Thailand: the singer took her boyfriend David Manukyan to the most expensive hotel in Phuket. The singer and her fiance settled in a private villa with a pool, the rental of which starts from hundreds of thousands of rubles per night. The artist enjoys relaxing by the warm sea, changing one swimsuit after another, and demonstrating an idyll with her lover. Meanwhile, the suspicion crept in among Buzova’s fans that it was not David Manukyan who paid for this holiday of life. Subscribers of the singer openly discuss the fact that she paid for the whole vacation with the blogger herself. And in one of the videos, the host of House-2 admits that the organization of their vacation really lies entirely with her. In the video, Olga said that she pays for their food and leisure.

In Storis, Olga published a video in which she persuades David to go for lunch.

“I arrange everything here, I reserve tables, and what does he tell me?” – the singer grumbles.

“I do not want to move,” her chosen one mutters in response.

“Well, are we going to dinner?” – asks Buzova.

– Nooo, have lunch again – indignant Manukyan. – Just do not have lunch. Eternally have lunch, dinner, breakfast.

– And who wakes me up with shouts: “Olya, order breakfast, I want to eat. Who? ”- the singer is indignant.

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