Angelina Jolie hired an assassin so she wouldn’t resort to suicide

Tell me – International press reports revealed shocking stages in the life of Hollywood star Angelina Jolie, during her depression and her thoughts of suicide. A report on the “Evie” website said that Angelina Jolie hired a professional killer to kill her. Because even though she wanted to die, she didn’t want to commit suicide […]

US developers finish solar carport at recreational vehicle resort in California

DSD Renewables and Black Bear Energy have installed 3,500 solar panels on vehicle canopies at a campground in southern California. Yale University researchers say that carports could meet about one-third of the US state’s total electricity demand.From pv magazine USA DSD Renewables and Black Bear Energy have announced the completion of a 1.5 MW solar […]

Club Med Colombus reopened after two years of work

La Pinta, the elegant beach restaurant also offers a breathtaking view of the ocean. It serves a new Mediterranean-inspired cuisine with a Bahamian twist of fresh seafood and offers premium spirits a la carte. Christopher’s, le restaurant principal located in the heart of the resort, offers a international cuisine, which now includes vegan dishes. To […]

10 netizen photos reveal what famous tourist destinations really look like

When travelling, almost everyone hopes that the destination of their chosen routes will not disappoint. For example, the Eiffel Tower. However, very often the reality does not coincide with the dream and you may be deeply disappointed. This also happened to several users of the “Reddit” website, who kindly shared their travel impressions on different […]

Inauguration of the Banyan Tree Resort in AlUla • Newspaper Al Marsad

Al Marsad Newspaper: The Banyan Tree Resort, Al Ula, announced the opening of its doors to guests, through an official launch event that was attended by dignitaries, officials and celebrities from around the world. Inspired by the natural surroundings of AlUla, Banyan Tree Resort consists of 47 different villas and includes a number of facilities, […]