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Police found the body of a 39-year-old man in a dinosaur statue in Barcelona on Saturday afternoon. The man probably wanted to find his phone that had fallen into the picture. He then got stuck.

A man and his son saw that there was something in the papier-mâché stegosaurus in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, a suburb of Barcelona. They called the police, who soon discovered that there was a body in the statue, writes The Guardian, among others.

“We found a man’s body in one of the legs of the dinosaur statue. It was an accident. It looks like the man wanted his cell phone back, which he had dropped into the statue. He went there head first. and couldn’t get out afterwards, “says the police spokeswoman.

The police called in the fire brigade to cut open the statue and take the man out. “We are still waiting for the autopsy report so we don’t know how long he was in it, but it looks like he was in prison for a few days,” said the spokeswoman.

According to local media, the man was reported missing hours before his body was found.

Bron (nen): The Guardian


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