The bill of the ruling party Covid-19 angered the Polish Sejm

Poland’s ruling National Conservative Party, Law and Justice (PiS), on Wednesday earned criticism for a bill that would allow officials to escape responsibility for crimes if their actions were aimed at fighting the new coronavirus.

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The bill is criticized by both party opponents and supporters.

Opposition MPs argued in the parliamentary debate that the real purpose of the bill was to protect pro-ruling officials who misused state funds.

Skepticism about the bill was also expressed by the right – wing party Solidarna Polska (Solidarna Polska) Poland“), which forms an alliance with PiS.

Without the support of Solidarity Poland, the ruling party may not be able to obtain the majority needed to pass the bill.

In turn, the PiS debate in parliament sharply criticized the bill, which would eliminate farms that raise animals for fur and introduce many different conditions for improving animal welfare.

In a letter to PiS deputies, the Polish Minister of Agriculture Jan Ardanowski warned that the adoption of the bill may deter voters in rural areas from the party.

However, the bill is considered important to PiS leader Jaroslav Kaczynski and is supported by the opposition.

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