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Inmaculada School prepares a blood donation day

A solidarity day is being prepared for this Wednesday by the Inmaculada Concepción de Lomas School: on the one hand, neighbors will have the possibility of donating blood for the Garrahan Hospital, but In addition, the students will be collecting food to put together Christmas boxes that will be delivered to the Solano dining rooms.

From 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., you can stop by the school located in the heart of Lomas, Acevedo 135, to donate blood, as long as you have reserved an appointment in advance. And each neighbor is asked to also come with food that can go in a box of Christmas.

“We were asking the blood donors on duty to collaborate with some jam, pudding, sweet bread or any type of food that will be essential to help the community kitchens of the Itatí Parish of Solano“, explained the school director, Gabriela Fernanda Cabrita.

Regarding the blood donation day for Garrahan, they reported that although all the shifts have already been taken, they are still putting on a waiting list those who want to join tomorrow in the event of any non-attendance.

“To sign up for the waiting list you have to send a private message on the school’s social networks and we will pass it on to the Garrahan promoter so that she can call them and there will be no empty shifts,” explained the director.

Although the 6th year students are the ones who received the talk about the importance of donating blood, the entire school participates in what will happen tomorrow through different projects that were assigned each year.

“Since 2018 we have been carrying out blood collections because we believe it is essential to raise awareness about this solidarity action from an early age so that our students know that donating blood saves lives,” Cabrita explained.

To sign up for the waiting list you have to send a private message on the school’s social networks and we will pass it on to the Garrahan promoter.

It is the annual closing of the School’s Citizen Training project, which covers all activities, from the blood collection to the preparation of the Christmas boxes to donate. “All the kids work on citizenship training and on this occasion, for example, the 3rd graders will be in charge of preparing breakfast for the blood donors,” the teacher said.

The opening will be at 9 in the covered patio of the school with the percussion and movement workshop. At 10, there will be a music show in the gym organized by 1st A, B, C and in different spaces of the school, students will be able to show each project.

Those who want to join as blood donors must send a private message to the Instagram account: @cic.lomas or en Facebook/Inmaculada Concepcion Lomas

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