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Elizabeth II and her three heirs: the symbolic portrait of the royal family

What could be better than a portrait of the royal family to celebrate the start of the year 2020. The Queen Elizabeth II celebrated the start of the new decade with a portrait of herself in the company of princes Charles, William and George, the three direct heirs to the British throne. The unpublished photograph, captured by photographer Ranald Mackechnie in the throne room at Buckingham Palace on December 18, has just been revealed on the Cambridge Instagram account.

You can see four generations of Windsor, starting with Queen Elizabeth II, now 93 years old. Stand behind her: her son, the prince charles, his grandson, the prince william, as well as his great-grandson, the prince george. Many eyes were drawn to the outfit of Prince William’s eldest and Kate Middleton, six years old. The young prince wears tartan pants, a Scottish-inspired fabric. Should we see in it the symbol of a united country despite an increasingly strong Scottish independence movement? No one knows, but one thing is certain: the Windsor have always shown themselves to be ardent supporters of the cohesion of the United Kingdom.

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A first portrait in 2016

This is the second time that Queen Elizabeth II has unveiled an official portrait with her three heirs. The first was published in April 2016 to mark the 90th anniversary of the monarch. After which, the photograph – taken under the gilding of Buckingham Palace by Annie Leibovitz – had been declined in a series of four commemorative stamps.

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