Dakar: adventurer Mike Horn at the start of the event

THE SCAN SPORT – Less than a month after his rescue in the Arctic, the South African will set off for the Saudi desert on Sunday alongside Cyril Despres, five times winner of the race.

“I was stuck in the ice for a month and now I’m headed for Jeddah.” Rescued on December 8 with the Norwegian Børge Ousland while stuck on the North Pole pack ice, Mike Horn seems to have recovered well from his mishap where he came close to death. After treating his frostbite in recent days, the 53-year-old explorer embarks on a new challenge under the sun and in the desert of Saudi Arabia with a participation in the Dakar.

For this first in rally-raid cream, Horn, whose face still has some traces of injuries, will form a duet with Cyril Despres, five-time winner of the motorcycle event in 19 participations. “I’m going to find my friend Cyril Despres. This is a unique opportunity to learn, “said the TV presenter modestly, who will slip into a small buggy developed by the Overdrive team in the SSV category.

Mike Horn never participated in a rally-raid

Learn, the word is right. Because Mike Horn simply has no knowledge of what sailing in the desert can be. He will therefore draw on the great experience of his adventure partner. “I’m sure Mike will enjoy discovering something different. He was never used to crossing the desert at this speed. Usually he walks or runs. It will be different, “said the former biker. “I am very proud and honored to take part in this race, with a special guest and co-driver,” added the Frenchman.

The duo, who will therefore grab attention from Sunday, will not aim for the final victory but more likely some success in the special. “I wanted to do this race in a slightly different way, in a spirit of discovery with an adventure side,” confirmed Despres who still had time to ride with his partner this week, near Jeddah, for express learning.

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