Children quickly defeat corona, but do not acquire adaptive immunity (research)

The strong reaction caused by innate immunity does not last long input 2023.01.31 08:01 Views 28 input 2023.01.31 08:01 Views 28 It has been shown that children quickly defeat Corona 19 through innate immunity, but do not acquire adaptive immunity. [사진=게티이미지뱅크] Children can easily defeat the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) by generating a strong […]

Did a camera capture the missing Emil Boev from Pernik?

A new trace of the missing Emil Boev from Pernik. The man was caught on camera walking towards the forest above the city, it was reported NOVA. Volunteers, relatives and friends of the man leave for the place. They are calling for people with thermal imaging cameras to join the search.

Coburg turns the tide against Rostock | News

The pressure and expectations were high on the part of HSC 2000 Coburg before this game. And Brian Ankersen’s team made it clear from the first second that the winner of this game can only be called HSC. The yellow-blacks started like firefighters, acted attentively and uncompromisingly in defense and this time also rewarded themselves […]

Recep Erdogan – Slaughtered:- Blackmail

Over time, Turkey and its president Recep Tayyip Erdogan have created major challenges for Sweden and Finland’s NATO applications. On Sunday, Erdogan opened up about accepting Finland’s NATO application, but not Sweden. Erdogan stated earlier this month that Sweden cannot expect support from Turkey for its NATO application. The statements came after Koran burning and […]

Panama records drop in cases of contagion and deaths from covid-19

Panama City, Jan 30. The Ministry of Health of Panama (Minsa) reported this Monday 640 new cases of covid-19 and 2 deaths from the disease registered between Sunday 22 and Saturday 28 January, bringing confirmed infections to 1,029,701 and 8,596. deaths in more than two years of pandemic. The number of cases and deaths reported […]

The Russian Yandex search engine introduces new rules

Yandex is an international corporation in the field of the IT industry. The company deals with i.a. sharing digital maps, selling online advertising or delivering groceries. The entity also owns a Russian Internet search engine of the same name. In Russia, Yandex called itself the “coolest company” in the country. It employed over 18,000 people. […]