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The Russian Yandex search engine introduces new rules

Yandex is an international corporation in the field of the IT industry. The company deals with i.a. sharing digital maps, selling online advertising or delivering groceries. The entity also owns a Russian Internet search engine of the same name.

In Russia, Yandex called itself the “coolest company” in the country. It employed over 18,000 people. people, and its founders became billionaires. At its peak, the company was worth over $31 billion.

At one time, the world media reported that the Russian concern began to have serious financial problems. These were supposed to be the consequences of economic sanctions imposed by Western countries on Russian companies in connection with Moscow’s attack on Ukraine, as well as the effect of foreign investors fleeing the territory of the Russian Federation. The value of Yandex fell to less than USD 7 billion, and the domestic stock exchange suspended trading in shares. The company also closed a number of international businesses, including delivery services in London and Paris.

Censorship in the Russian network

The Yandex search engine is now introducing new rules under which it will censor the results of searching for photos and videos, so that the image of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the letter “Z” as a symbol of the Russian military victory in Ukraine do not appear in contexts unfavorable to the Kremlin, Meduza reports. Onet.pl was cited.

The owners of the Yandex search engine want users of the platform to not be able to come across Putin’s image when typing phrases such as: “fuck”, “grandfather from the bunker”, “fuck in a suit” or “fuck” “. However, when searching for graphics with the letter “Z”, Internet users will not be able to see, for example, symbols of Nazi Germany. The automatic blocking is supposed to work with the words “reich”, “wehrmacht” or “Nazis”.

According to media reports, the list of banned words also included “Lviv”, “surrender” and “death”.

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