The new school year .. “Education” announces the rules for the implementation of the Sports Day in schools

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education has announced the rules for the implementation of the Sports Day in schools with the start of the new academic year, as follows: The first phase, beginning October 2022, represents 25% of educational administration schools. – The second phase, beginning December 2022, with 25% of the schools of … Read more

TSMC 4N 5nm powerful! 12GB 4080 transistors are much more than 3090Ti but half smaller_Core_Process_Series

Original title: TSMC 4N 5nm powerful! The 12GB 4080 transistors are much more than the 3090Ti but half smaller The NVIDIA Ada Lovelace RTX 40 series uses a special TSMC 4N process, a customized version of NVIDIA, which actually belongs to the TSMC 5nm process family. Indeed,TSMC 5nm family version is very rich, including N5 … Read more

“Sprague 3” sees cheaters for the first time, hits 37 multiple missiles in one match | 4Gamers

Recently, the popular third-person shooter game for Switch “Sprague 3” also appeared as illegal players. Some Japanese netizens have loaded the cheaters replay prospect, causing heated discussions among players. It can be seen in the video that the trickster “Douyu.DK2” fired “multiple missiles” in a distant and endless explosion in the wild competition (point battle) … Read more

First patient recovered –

In the UK, a modified cold sore virus is used in the treatment of cancer. As a result, one patient was treated, in others the tumors shrank. The weakened and modified version of the cold sore virus infects and destroys harmful cancer cells. Longer studies are needed, but early results are promising for people with … Read more