Plovdiv is unfairly neglected, better go there than Sofia!


One of the best ways to avoid the tourist traps of travel is to read books or forums where travelers share tips, photos and experiences and you can find discussions about European cities that may surprise you, pleasantly or not.

For example, Reddit users point out that Plovdiv in Bulgaria is unfairly overlooked and that it is much better to go there than Sofia.

Dubrovnik was also on the list of cities that unpleasantly surprise, mainly for the crowds and lack of places to go out, as well as Zurich, for unapproachable people.

Forum members recommend visiting Dubrovnik in spring when there is no crowds, prices are more favorable and the weather is warm.

Reddit user Lev Kovacs from Austria recommends Paris, Valencia and Manchester, but doesn’t like Athens and Liverpool.

“You can find really a lot of interesting places in Athens, but most of them are neglected and Liverpool is gray and depressing for me,” wrote Lev.

Leonardo, another Reddit user, recommends Vienna, “the cleanest city I’ve ever visited”, followed by Venice, regardless of tourists, but Zakopane in Poland is not recommended to anyone.

“I was surprised by the large Chinese community in Milan, as well as by the oldest Chinatown in Europe, where I ate delicious Chinese dishes,” wrote a neo-Burdor from Germany.

Other forum members claim that Chinatown in Milan offers great places to eat, such as La Ravioleria SARP.

“Naples pleasantly surprised me. Although it is chaotic and dirty and the traffic is a nightmare, I think it is special, it has a very” cool “network and a special beauty. Brussels was a negative surprise. Since it is unofficially the capital of Europe, it is a pity that some parts of the city are neglected and ugly, “said a Reddit user from Germany, who also praised Warsaw, where he lived for a year as a student, reports Blitz. He was surprised at the cleanliness of the streets and the interesting mix of history and modern features.

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