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The Chronicle of Justin Calixte – I have nothing against ecology. I also remember voting for Renè Dumont and his red pullover in the first round of the 1974 presidential election. Or later, for Brice Lalonda.

On the other hand, I confess, I hate the Greens who have nothing gallant, these Greens probably born from a bluette between a virtuous Smurfette and a worm-eaten yellow waistcoat on a deserted rotunda. These greens are rusty, double-locked from the inside. These natural children of the left and other neo-Trotskyists, neo-Maoists or even neo-Marxists who shook the West in 1968.

When the green experience is over in Bordeaux, Lyon, Grenoble or even Rennes, we will realize that all of this meant nothing.

We can or we can take into account the future of the planet without subscribing to the delusional fatwas of our green ayatollahs of fear in the face of the future.

We can or we can worry about global warming without questioning nuclear energy, which has nothing to do with it, quite the contrary.

We can or we can stand for gender equality without promoting horrible inclusive writing and without considering that women’s voices have now become gospel.

We can or we can be green and worry more about shepherds than wolves or bears that our ancestors had a hard time getting rid of.

We can or we can prefer the legacy of our predecessors to ruminations imported from confused American universities.

We can or we can be for the respect of the animal race without becoming vegan.

We can or we can being for public transport and regretting that by dint of giving too much pride to cyclists, they behave like gougnafier in conquered land …

We can or we can defend ecology without having anything in common with these people who, blinded by their ideology, refuse to see the reality of the facts or even the lessons of history.

We can or we can to be for ecology and to hate these brigades of revealed Truth, these seminarians who hum their green catechism. For them, the real does not exist. They prefer to sink into childish fictions and utopian myths.

We can or we can to be ecological and not to engage in these dubious struggles that flourish among the Greens, I mean racism, neo-feminism, gender theory, or even postcolonialism whose relationship with Ecology eludes me.

In short, we can be green and not support the Greens … And even less their smoky speech. Ecology is fine, the Greens no thanks !!

More and more of us are no longer able to see the Greens in painting….

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