Two more members of the Bertāns and Timm teams tested positive for Covid-19

Ahead of the Euroleague match scheduled for Friday on its field with Kaunas “Žalgiris” team, Khimki club announced positive analyzes of Monroe and Barashkov’s Covid-19. Meanwhile, “Žalgiris” had a positive Covid-19 test for the French national basketball player Jeffrey Lovern.

This increases the total number of sick athletes in a team to five. It has already been reported that on Sunday, the team announced a positive Covid-19 test to Tim, Eugene Voronov and Jordan Mickey.

The analysis material received was sent to the Rospotrebnadzor department for further investigation, with three athletes remaining among the Covid-19 patients.

Mickey has been reported to have no clinical symptoms, while Voronov and Tim have minor complaints of malaise.

Players are isolated and under medical supervision.

In addition, three Khimki players – Stefan Jovich, Alexei Swede and Erik McColum – have been injured. This suggests that Dairis Bertāns will play an even bigger role in the coming games than before.

The game with “Žalgiris” has been postponed to October 10, according to an entry on the “Himik” club website.

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