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Delta Fiber mainly installs fiber in rural areas. Places where they 1) are the only player, 2) receive a subsidy and 3) can easily request a standing charge from customers. That is a nice income and if another provider then also does this, then they are on that revenue model. I understand that Delta is considered a white knight for some here, but it’s just about money.

So yes, that will undoubtedly have something to do with it. But that still doesn’t mean this is a long-term investment. If there is one thing for the long term, it will be the infrastructure. And every Dutch person will soon be able to collect a dot of standing charges per month. The provider services will then be sold quickly.

Incidentally, it seems more logical to me that, as I say, investments are still minimal. Investments are made to such an extent that the company becomes more interesting for an acquisition. You can see that at Delta too.

So still certainly not a positive development. I myself had always thought that Altice (also an investment company, but focused on telecom) would turn to KPN.

Ps: for Proximus, Delta operates as a kind of contractor. Is not that relevant to this.

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