Kuipers: ‘Hated to be called to the side, does not want to make that mistake’

Björn Kuipers can still remember the first time he was called to the screen by the VAR. The arbitrator sees that the VAR is a good addition to today’s football, but also indicates that it can occasionally start gnawing at your self-confidence.

Kuipers did not find it easy to be called off when the VAR had just been introduced. “It’s really hard at first. I remember being called to the side for the first time, that was with a situation of Neymar during the World Cup. I just hated being called to the side. You does not want to make that mistake, “he says in conversation with FOX Sports.

Yet it is good that the VAR is there now, says Kuipers. “It will be part of football. As a referee, we just can’t see everything. It’s a good thing that the VAR is there to correct you every now and then. But you shouldn’t be called to the side too often either. It’s a bit of an unpleasant feeling. Then it can start gnawing at your confidence as a referee. “


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