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Two “hat-tricks” in the eighth semi-final of the Latvian Cup; in the third game – an extension

“Valmiera” reached the convincing quarterfinals, which destroyed Riga’s “Dinamo” 5: 1 (5: 0).

Jibril Gay scored three goals in the 14th, 18th and 40th minutes of the good match, Aliuns Ndojē (25th minute) and Alvis Jaunzems (33rd) scored.

In the 69th minute, Dmitrijs Kovaļovs scored the honorable goal in the 69th minute after nine substitutions of players in the performance of both teams, all five of which were made for “Valmiera”.

Ventspils residents played Daugavpils “Lokomotiv” with 4: 0 (1: 0).

Brazilian Lukass Rezende scored three goals in the 33rd, 58th and 76th minutes of the match. The second and third goals fell from the 11-meter mark. In the 83rd minute, another goal was scored by Chris Marlon Ondong-Mba.

Meanwhile, Jūrmala’s “Spartaks” was close to victory in the Grobiņa city stadium in 90 minutes, which after 2: 2 (1: 0) is forced to play extra time with “Grobiņa”.

In the 12th minute, the guests were nominated by Didin Muamed – Jouar, but in the 70th minute, “Spartaka” “sniper” Nemanja Belakovich was accurate.

The hosts played in the last five minutes. In the 86th minute, Jānis Freimanis scored the goal for the home team, but in the 90th minute – Emīls Knapšis.

On Wednesday, “Tukums 2000” / TSS will play with “Rēzekne”.

In the other duel of the eighth final, the top league teams “Riga” and “Metta”, as well as “Liepāja” and “Daugavpils” will meet. RFS will meet “Auda”, but “Jelgava” will visit “Kauguri” / “Beitar”.

In the Latvian Cup, domestic clubs compete not only for the trophy, but also for the right to represent Latvia in the UEFA European League qualification.

In the first round, 26 teams from the Latvian second and third leagues participated, two teams automatically qualify for the next round. Thirteen first-round winners, two wild-card recipients, and nine first-league clubs took part in the second round.

Twelve second-round winners took part in the third round, and ten Optibet Premier League clubs joined the six winners in the eighth final.

In the history of the Latvian Cup, since 1936, 38 different club teams have won the prestigious trophy, but since the restoration of the country’s independence, 12 different teams have raised the cup over their heads.

Since 2017, the winners of the tournament have been presented with a new design and identity trophy.

The current trophy holder is the RFS team, which was with it for the first time in history last year. Last year, the people of Riga only surpassed the most titled cup team “Jelgava” of the last decade in overtime.

The most titled team in the tournament is the defunct Skonto, which triumphed in the tournament eight times between 1992 and 2012.

The Latvian Cup in football was played in one season until 2008, but since 2009/2010 it has been started in the previous season for the next eight years and completed in the spring of next year. Thus, the fourth Latvian participant in the Euroccups was determined only about a month before the start of the new UEFA Europa League season.

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