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A terrible mistake by the Napoli goalkeeper. As in juniors [WIDEO]

Alex Meret will not remember Sunday afternoon fondly. Napoli’s goalkeeper failed to pass the ball, which resulted in the loss of a goal.

Szymon Michalski
April 14, 2024, 15:06

Getty Images / ELEVEN SPORTS PL / a terrible mistake by the Napoli goalkeeper On Sunday, April 14, SSC Napoli hosted Frosinone Calcio in the 32nd round of Serie A. Taking into account the position of both teams in the table, the hosts were the favorites in this clash.

Quite unexpectedly, the match ended with the points being divided – 2:2 (the report is available at THIS LINK). It would not be an exaggeration to say that Napoli gave their rivals one point.

All because of the behavior of the home team’s goalkeeper. In the second half, with Napoli leading by one goal, Alex Meret kicked the ball out from under his own goal. However, he did it so clumsily that the ball landed at the opponents’ feet.

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Walid Cheddira didn’t even think twice and shot into Napoli’s goal. Alex Meret tried to correct his mistake, but to no avail (you can see the video of this action at the end of the article).

The hosts have nothing to regret. The draw is a big disappointment for them. Let us add that Piotr Zieliński performed on the pitch and played 77 minutes. Walid Cheddira was the hero of Frosinone Calcio – he scored two goals.

Let us add that after this match, SSC Napoli is in 8th place in the table, while Frosinone Calcio is 18th.

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