the new dates of the Hot Sale

The discount event that was to take place between July 6 and 8. However, it was postponed to new measures due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The event of special discounts for electronic commerce operations, Hot Sale, which usually takes place in May, will take place on July 27, 28 and 29Or, announced today the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE).

This is the second date change of the Hot Sale, which originally had to be carried out in May and which was initially transferred for July 6, 7 and 8, in the midst of the first stage of the preventive isolation ordered by the government to moderate the advance of the coronarivus.

Now, after the new measures to tighten the quarantine in the metropolitan area, CACE decided to go through the days July 27, 28 and 29 the date of completion.

“Given the conjuncture linked to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, from the CACE Board of Directors we decided to reschedule the event to collaborate with the decrease, to collaborate in minimizing circulation,” said the head of the chamber, Alberto Calvo.

The Hot Sale is considered an event that involves much more than the completion of online transactions, since 600 Business In the country, they prepare their sales, stocks and especially distribution system in order to respond to the high demand that is normally generated on special discount days.

Earlier in the week, the institutional director of CACE, Gustavo Sambucetti, highlighted the importance of preparation from Logistics for these special days by pointing out that “it is a challenge” and that “everything has to be passed through the filter of traffic restrictions”, when the event was still scheduled for July 6, 7 and 8.

One of the items that is expected to work well in the July proposal is electronics

Although online shopping registered an increase in Argentina in the context of social isolation, especially in the essential areas, Sambucetti told Télam that “many firms that already have experience and that also have physical stores, they say that although they grow 25% in online sales, they do not make up for the drop due to the closure of the stores. ”

Online sales: positive expectations

Beyond that the macro and microeconomic situation is highly complex, the expectation is that the Next Hot Sale is going to explode, hand in hand with habit changes, even taking into account the different situations that citizens go through: reduction of wages, deepening recession and breakdown of the payment chain.

“We believe that it will sell well. Firstly, because more companies are going to join in than those that had already registered in March and that had surpassed those of the 2019 edition at that point. It is possible that the reduction in wages could slow down a little, and that there will be little sale in tourism. But there will be more transactions, although later we will have to see what the average ticket value will be, “said Sambucetti.

Another item that is expected to work well in the July proposal is that of electronics that, even in these days, it is having a good sales behavior in the different online commerce sites. Although also, the CACE director clarified, his situation will be subject to the stock that the manufacturers have at that time.


Electronic commerce was the option to which a large part of the citizens went for the quarantine

In 2019, the electronic commerce generated a turnover of $ 403,728 million, according to data from CACE. This meant a growth of 76%, that is, it managed to beat inflation.

And of all that volume, the Hot Sale contributed a turnover of $ 8,512 million in the three days that the action lasted, 35.5% above the 2018 edition. Level that showed the economic difficulties that the Argentines were already going through.

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